April 14, 2018 Off By Meredith
Strawberry tower in the process of being made

The impromptu potting shed in the living room.

This weekend, I finally got a chance to plant my new seascape strawberries. I purchased them from Johnny’s Select Seeds (25 bare root plants for $22). I’m glad I bought them when I did because they are now sold out. I love the way Johnny’s, like many seed companies, will only send bare root plants at the time best to put them in the ground. Too bad, though, that Johnny’s didn’t know that it was going to be cold and rainy here all week or maybe they would have sent them to me next week. I’m currently writing this from my bedroom while wind and rain pelt the house.  

Because of the rain, I decided to turn our living room into an impromptu potting shed. I pulled out the potting soil and got to work putting together my new strawberry tower from Amazon. I’m really not much for gardening in pots because I hate to water all the time, but it was hard to find a sunny enough spot to plant them otherwise so I’m going to experiment. This could go really well and provide us a bunch of strawberries from the patio, or it could be a huge flop. Only time will tell. And as for watering everything after I got it in the tower…I just stuck it outside and assume the rain we will be getting over the next week will take care of it.

Just planted strawberry plants near the patio

New strawberry plants in the garden. I was freezing putting them in so hopefully, I did an alright job.

I did have six strawberry plants left over after setting up the tower. Considering the tower holds 20 plants, that means I got an extra plant for free. Woohoo, free plants! I did know where I wanted to plant these plants so I will have some in-ground strawberry plants if the tower doesn’t work out. Of course, even this is a gamble, because the plants are now in a place that the dogs like to walk. I might have to fence the area off if I notice the dogs in there too much. 

Meredith with a Butterfly image